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Registration couldn't be easier.  Simply send me an e-mail.

Registration Inquiries:

Chicago Efest Email

Registration Deadline:

APRIL 1, 2023
(late registration is subject to an additional $50 fee)

Registration Fees:

MEN - $100
LADIES - $50
COUPLES - $125

*E-nurses are defined as ladies who have their own website advertising their enema services and who are well-known in the E-community as reputable and ethical.

**E-nurses register free of charge, as long as they agree to perform at least one demonstration on Saturday.

Registration fees for the conference include:

Attendance at any or all of the workshops/demonstrations/presentations/panels/games
Name badge
Welcome gift bag
Welcome reception meet and greet with snacks and beverages (Fri 29th, 4:30 pm)
Movie night with snacks and beverages (Fri 29th, 6:30 pm)
Prizes for game winners
Significant discount on lodging (group rate at our hotel)

Registration fees for the conference do not include:

Personal expenses
Alcoholic beverages* (BYOB)

*Please, drink responsibly and never drink and drive.
**The hotel has given our group an excellent discounted rate.
***The hotel provides free shuttle service between O'Hare airport and the hotel.

Registration Payment:

Payment must be made in advance. You may not pay at the door. You may pay via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, postal money order, certified check, cashier's check, or personal check.


Chicago E-fest is like any other convention. The hotel agrees to hold a block of rooms for us at a special rate, since we're using their conference facilities. You may stay at the hotel, in one of these group-rate rooms, as long as you reserve your room by the hotel booking deadline. After the hotel room booking deadline, you will have to pay the regular rate for your room. Of course, if you live in the Chicagoland area, you may attend our festival without staying in the hotel. Just commute from home.


There are just a few, simple rules that all attendees must follow.


Use of cameras and recording devices are not allowed in the meeting areas or common areas, when the group is present. Cameras should only be used in private and with permission from the parties involved.


Respect the privacy of attendees. Do not share anyone's personal information with anyone. Keep it to yourself.


The event is non-smoking. Our hotel is non-smoking. In Illinois smoking in public places is prohibited. Illinois law requires 15 feet between the smoker and building entrances and exits. If you smoke, please do so outside and away from any non-smokers.


The event is BYOB. The hotel has a bar. Please, drink responsibly.


They say discretion is the better part of valor. Be aware at all times that other guests of the hotel may not share our interests and may even frown upon our proclivities. Please, practice the utmost diplomacy at all times, especially when wandering the halls of the hotel from room to room. Dress, speak, and act discreetly.


Failure to follow event rules will result in expulsion from the area. For example, if you bring a camera into the hospitality suite, you will be asked to leave. If you streak through the halls nude, yelling, "I need an enema, stat!" at the top of your lungs, we will all tackle you, tie an anchor to your leg, and throw you in the drink, where you'll sink to the bottom of Lake Michigan, and spend eternity rotting in Davy Jones' Locker.


Thus far, the enema nurses confirmed to attend Chicago E-fest 2022 are as follows.

Nurse Madeline Banner

Nurse Dante Banner


Hopefully, your questions will be answered in this section. If not, feel free to send inquiries to the e-mail address shown above.

Do I have to give my real name to attend Chicago E-fest?

You do not have to provide your real name to register for the event. The only time you have to give your real name is when you check into the hotel. Of course, the hotel does not share that information with us. If you feel comfortable using your real name, you may. It is up to you whether or not to use an alias with some or all of the group. If you appear to be under 21, government identification proving you are at least 18 will be necessary. However, your photo and birth date are all that needs to be shown. You may conceal your personal information.

Am I allowed to take photos?

You may only take photos in private and with permission from those involved. Cameras are not allowed in the common meeting areas.

This is my first Chicago E-fest. What should I expect?

Expect to be in a supportive environment with a sense of camaraderie. Anticipate fun. Expect to be assured that our interests are normal and healthy. Look forward to learning something from one or more of the demos that will be given by experts in their field.

Who will be there?

Chicago E-fest is an event that attracts people from all walks of life. You will be amid a diverse group comprised of men, women, and non-binary individuals. Typically, males outnumber females. Professional E-nurses love to come to this event. The age range is wide, so you're sure to fit in. Chicago E-fest draws singles and couples. You may make lifelong friends or even meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Is it a problem if I am shy or awkward?

Our group welcomes everyone. We guarantee that you won't feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or ill at ease. Within moments of walking in, you'll feel relaxed and cozy. If you feel shy, mention it at the registration table, so we can arrange for someone to take you around and introduce you to the crowd. You will be issued a name tag, which can state your real name or an alias. Usually, that's enough of an ice-breaker to get things going.

Once I am registered and have the hotel information, may I tell my friends?

Part of registering for Chicago E-fest is assuring the organizers that you will practice the utmost discretion and not share our location or other information with anyone. If you have friends who are interested in attending, give them the URL to this website. They need to go through the same process you did to gain this information after their registration.

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